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The MagsFast StoreNew!
The MagCast ForumNew!
New MagCast Test App
Enhanced Platform Speed
200% 250% 300%
One-Tap App Installer New!
Auto Page Numbering & Masthead Insertion New!
[PDF Mode]
Import Word Docs New!
[Native Mode]
Priority PDF Import
Priority Publishing
Priority App Building
Priority Push Notifications
Delete Multiple Pages New!
[PDF Mode]
Premium 40 Font Pack New!
[Native Mode]
Manage Favorites New!
[PDF Mode]
Native Mode Favorites New!
Live Chat / Screenshare Support New!
1x 20 Minute/Month 1-on-1 Phone Access New!
(Rolls Over if Unused)
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Feature #1

  The MagsFast Store

Gone are the days when you could sell a magazine subscription—or even an individual issue—only in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Today, you can sell your magazine directly to readers via MagsFast.com.

Take advantage of this all-new sales channel and add a new place to generate interest (and sales) of your magazine.

Benefits include:

  • 85% revshare. Earn more money from the same number of sales. As opposed to 70% with Apple or Google, you earn 85% with MagsFast.com
  • Showcase ALL your back issues. Now, you can attract readers for ALL your issues before they buy.
  • Platform agnostic sales. One purchase activates up to five devices, whether they're iOS, Android, or both
  • 10-page Previews. Forget about the five dinky screenshots Apple & Google give you. MagsFast doubles your previews.
  • Reader contact info. All readers contact info is directly added to your Drip account when they buy. (Download options coming soon.)
  • Fast Payments. All payments are made on the 10th of the month. (Excludes weekends / bank holidays.)
  • More features coming soon. Coupons, bundles, and more are all coming soon.

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Feature #2

  The MagCast Forum

"Give us a better way to communicate, connect, share, and grow," we heard again and again in the surveys.

Sure, there's the Facebook group today, but let's face it: Facebook sucks. Many people avoid it like the plague. And the recent Cambridge Analytica fiasco hasn't made things better.

Thus, aside from being a cesspool where it's impossible to sort conversations or to quickly find something based on a particular topic, not everyone is there.

On top of that, there's no way to 'pin' many important conversations over time.

Perhaps worst of all, when you've got a question, you want an answer as fast as possible. You're purpose driven to get the answer, but you're being taken to another company's website whose sole purpose is to keep you in their platform—not in helping you get your question answered.

The answer: the MagCast Forum.

Here's some of what's in it:

  • Members Lounge: Introduce Yourself & Connect with Other MagCasters.
  • Announcement Board: See the latest announcements and events (without digging through your inbox.)
  • Topic-specific Discussions: No more wading through threads to find what you're after.
  • Feature Requests: Got something new in mind? Let's hear it!
  • Bobsled Run-Specific Private Discussion Area: Get help and insight on things covered in the Webinars.
  • MasterMind-Specific Private Discussions Area: Connect and share with the best and get MasterMind-only access to the latest developments.

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Feature #3

  New MagCast Test App

If you're publishing a MagCast, chances are you rely on the MagCast Test App (and if you don't, you should!)

Since taking the reins, we've made updates to the Production MagCast Magazine App every week (some you've heard about; others you haven't.)

The most visible were those to support each of the (many) iOS 11 updates Apple has rolled out these past few months, but behind the scenes the codebase for the Test App was still largely untouched since 2013.

Several things have been done to the Test App:

  1. New Feature: Save. Your. Password! Since the dawn of MagCast, using the Test App meant typing your email aaaaaand your password every time you opened the app. Say "Buh bye!" to that headache.
  2. Updates: All new iOS 11 updates from Production App now included
  3. Bug Fix: Now pages properly render when swiping / viewing in landscape mode
iPad screenshots from before and after of the fix:

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Feature #4

  Enhanced Platform Speed

Since moving the platform into our datacenter and onto our servers, the increase in speed has been easy to see.

Rather than leaving things on the old servers and network, as we migrated the platform everything has been—and continues to be—upgraded. From servers to routers to switches to hard drives, speed and reliability are behind every decision we make.

Here are some of the areas that've been improved:

  1. PDF Upload Speed
  2. PDF Queue Processing Speed
  3. Test Issue Uploading
  4. Issue Publication
  5. App Building
  6. Push Notification Sending
  7. Page Deletion
And now everyone has had chance to see for themselves how fast the new servers are (and not just take our word for it), it's time to choose the level of service that matches your needs.

Platform speed in MagCast works similar to speed with your ISP. High speed is available for anyone who wants it, but it isn't mandatory.

You can continue using the platform without enhanced speed. You'll just be going back to the speed of the old servers.

When you opt for enhanced speed, your PDFs, Word Docs, new magazine issues and test issue uploads all go the front of the line and are processed first, on the shiniest, newest, highest performance servers we have.

Same for pages you want to delete, Push Notifications you want to send, and new App versions you want to build.

As you've seen, speed makes a difference in productivity.

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Feature #5

  One-Tap App Installer

Escape the burden of the old, legacy Current Subscriber Code System.

This new system lets you build unique links to give away complimentary issues or subscriptions to your magazine.

It's ideal for joint ventures / co-marketing / partner promotions where a partner / influencer gives away complimentary issues/subscriptions for you.

And, since magazine / subscription giveaways are one of the easiest, most powerful, and most under-utilized ways to grow your readership, this new system can help take your audience to new heights.

As many publishers have found, giving away magazines can even help grow your paid readership thanks to the increased activity in the iTunes/Play Stores.

In ONE tap, your prospects can activate a subscription to your MagCast magazine that works on up to three devices. And, it works on both iOS AND Android, so they can read your magazine on any device they own.

You get complete control over how many times, how many devices, and how long the links are valid.

On top of that, you'll even see full statistics on how many times each link has been used.

As an added bonus, you'll even get access to the new system we're already working on that'll let you sell subscriptions to your MagCast magazine on your own website.

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Feature #6

  Auto Page Numbering / Masthead Insertion

If you've been numbering your pages in your PDF editor and have had to delete and re-upload your PDFs even once, you've probably shaken your fist at the monitor and resolved to never make that mistake again.

No doubt though, if you're like us, you probably have, and you've wasted still more time re-numbering, re-saving, re-uploading, and re-publishing pages of your magazine.

The days of by-hand page numbering are no more.

Now, with fine-grained controls, you can automatically number every page of your magazine and even insert your magazine name, too.

Want to turn it off on some pages? Sure thing! Need to change the color on others? No problem! What about using a different font? Got you covered there, too.

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Feature #7

  Import Word Docs

With no ability to import files, Native Mode publishers have had no choice but to edit their content in their favorite word processor or text editor then manually copy-and-paste the text into the MagCast platform.

Then, you deal with the limited fonts and styling abilities of the platform and mark up the article as needed. It was tedious, repetitious, and time consuming.

Those days are officially behind you.

With the new Import Word Doc feature, you can do your editing, insert your headline and subheads, and even insert images in Word, save the file, and import it into the platform.

And just like that, you'll have a full article inserted into the MagCastApp platform.

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Feature #8

  Priority PDF Import

Depending on what membership level you opt for, your PDFs can be processed up to 10x faster than standard members.

Not only will your PDFs be processed faster, but also, depending on your membership level, you'll go to the front of the queue each time you upload.

Combine the two, and you'll spend less time waiting and more time being productive.

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Feature #9

  Priority Publishing

Whether it's a test or production issue, the end goal of a magazine publisher is one thing: publishing.

When you opt for any upgrade of Level 3 or above, the instant you click "Publish Test" or "Publish Issue", first you'll skip to the front of the line, then every back-end step in MagCast will happen for you faster.

Native Mode, PDF Mode, or both, every page, every element, every link, every video, everything will be assembled faster and uploaded to your magazine hosting account faster.

From soup to nuts, if there's a way to ensure your issue is ready for your to test or your readers to enjoy, Priority Publishing will get it done.

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Feature #10

  Priority App Building

App building isn't something that happens every day, but when it does happen, get it done faster with high speed App building.

And, as with the Priority PDF Import feature, your App building jobs go to the front of the queue anytime you need a new version of your App built.

It's yet another way to wring the most performance from MagCast and spend less time waiting.

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Feature #11

  Priority Push Notifications

MagCasters use the Push Notification system to send an unbelievable number of push notifications daily.

In fact it wasn't uncommon on the old system to see so many publishers trying to send notifications at once, it created a log jam on the server.

Even though that's not a concern anymore, sometimes when a Push Notification actually goes out isn't critical; other times, you want it to go out NOW.

Priority Push Notification makes sure your Notifications go to the front of the line and that they're processed faster.

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Feature #12

  Delete Multiple Pages

[PDF Mode]

Sometimes you need to delete multiple PDF pages from MagCast at once.

When things were still on the legacy servers, this was really an issue since deleting even one page could take two minutes or more, and heaven forbid if you had to delete many pages.

Now on the fast servers you can instantly delete as many pages as you like at the click of a button.

Here's what the Multi-Page Delete looks like:
Multi-Page Delete Step 1 & 2 Multi-Page Delete Step 3

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PDF Mode: Multi-Page Delete

Feature #13

  Premium 40 Font Pack

This font pack adds a whopping 40 new choices to make each page of your magazine look as good as you intended and gives you more opportunities to make each article unique.

Each font was specifically chosen for three reasons:

  1. readability
  2. distinctiveness
  3. free-to-use license

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Feature #14

  Manage Favorites  [PDF Mode]

Previously, you could mark a page as a "Favorite" and reuse the same page again in other issues, making it ideal for frequently re-used pages like your "Rate this App", "Purchase Back Issues", "Subscribe Now", and even full page ads.

Unfortunately, once a page was marked as a "Favorite" there was no way to delete it from your "Favorites", so over time the system became congested and harder to use.

Making matters worse, there was no way to categorize a "Favorite".

Now though, it's possible both to add and delete favorite pages but also to categorize "Favorites" into folders. (And, deleting a favorite won't delete it in places you've already used it.)

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Native Mode: Add Favorite Button

Feature #15

Native Mode: Add Favorite Button

  Native Mode Favorites

While a PDF publisher could 'Favorite' pages and re-use those pages in other issues, Native Mode users were stuck recreating their commonly used pages from scratch with each issue.

Native Mode publishers can now mark pages as a 'Favorite' with one click and can insert a 'Favorite' page into any other issue with one click.

If you're a Native Mode publisher, this feature will cut your production time and let you more easily test variations of pages like your Rate this Magazine, Subscribe call-to-action pages, or full page ads.

Here are the New Dialog Boxes for Native Mode Favorites:
Native Mode: Add to Favorites Native Mode: Insert Favorite

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Feature #16

  Live Chat / Screenshare Support

For most issues, email support is fine; other times you need a more immediate option.

Maybe it's truly a "quick" question that only requires a short answer. Maybe it's something truly urgent that has you work stopped. Maybe it's something where multiple emails back-and-forth can be avoided.

Whatever the case, with the top-of-the-line Membership, you can get your questions answered faster than ever.

And, if it's something faster solved with a screenshare, you can even do that, too, by reserving a dedicated time with our support team.

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Feature #17

1x/Monthly 20-Minute 1-on-1 Session

 1 x 20 Minute / Month Phone Access

In days past, there was little to no chance to actually speak with the people at the helm. Today, it's built into your top-of-the-line MagCast membership.

Whether you want to talk about your magazine's strategy or implementation, get help with an issue by phone, or let us know anything else on your mind, you'll have direct access to us.

Best of all, if you don't want to use your time in a given month, unused minutes will accumulate while you're an active member at this level and will roll over 'til you use them.

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