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There are a lot of Digital magazine solutions out there. However what they DON'T tell you is that they will take a big piece of your magazine sales or will sneakily take ownership of your magazine! The way they do this is by publishing your magazine app into their Apple iTunes Connect account. By allowing them to do so, They Instantly Own your app and your Magazine!

With MagCast, you always remain 100% in control of your magazine, you make AND keep 100% of the Income! No Download Fees, No Hosting Fees, No Transaction Fees!

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Stunning User Experience

Your magazine readers will love the way your magazine looks and feels on their devices

Easy to Use and Advanced Tools

By Magazine Publishers For Magazine Publishers.

Our MagCast system is extremely easy to use with drag n Drop tools to optimise your digital magazine. Simply Upload your Magazine PDF, Optimise it by adding links, videos, buy buttons and Publish the Issue!

Powerful Marketing Tools

The marketing features that comes built in with MagCast are super powerful and they will allow you to outsmart & outsell your competition. Use MagCast to build your list of subscriber & drive more sales.

Get Real Magazine Intelligence

Know exactly what your magazine readers like with complete Google Analytics integration. Real Time tracking allows you to wacth live what your customers are reading and where they are clicking

Make More Money!

Monetize your magazines in multiple ways! Build an email list, sell magazine subscriptions, sell individual issues, sell back issues, sell advertising space, sell external products and More! All these features are Free to add with only a couple of clicks to your digital magazine issues.

Hundreds of Magazines Live!

More Than 300 MagCast Magazines Have Been Published!
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Frequently Asked Questions

> What exactly is included with the MagCast service?

You get access to a full training course, as well as access to the 30DC MagCast platform with which you can publish your magazine on Apple and Android devices . Your App can be used to sell individual issues or subscriptions as In App Purchases.

> What other costs are involved with publishing a magazine?

You'll need to sign up as an Apple Developer which is $99 a year.

> Do you offer step by step instructions to set this up?

Yes MagCast comes with an in depth training course that will guide you every step of the way.

> Do you support MagCasts for the iPhone as well?

Yes This is coming soon to all MagCasters for Free!

> Do I need any coding experience?

Absolutely not. All you need is to produce a PDF, upload it to the platform and add your links & videos and hit publish.

> Do you offer support?

Definitely, we have support desk that can assist you with any technical MagCasts queries.

> Do you support other languages?

The App itself is multilingual. We support English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Thai. If there are other languages you would like, simply let us know and we can easily add it.

> How do I get paid for my magazines?

Apple will pay you directly into your bank account every month. Apple also takes care of the VAT laws in different coutries.

> What percentage does Apple take of my Magazine sales?

Apple only takes 30% like they do with all Apps on the Appstore.

> Who Owns my App?

Unlike competitors offering a similar service you submit your App to your own itunes connect account & make 100% of the income. Unlike others we do not take 1 cent from your sales or charge any download fee. The source code remains the property of Magcast, we build the app for you, you are free to use the published app and keep all the money.

> Do I need a Mac to use your service?

No. The only time you need a Mac is when you're uploading your app to Apple. This can easily be outsourced.

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