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Wait, you can monetize a blog at seven figures?

Yes, that was the last article. We're on starting a magazine for this one. So, we're only touching on James.

That said, James' first step was working with to leverage his blog content and audience into a digital magazine app for iOS and Android.

With MagCast, James was able to easily vault over any hurdles he might have otherwise faced, straight into the App Store and Google Play, and onto peoples' favorite devices from there, and you can too. has been helping people just like you publish digital magazine apps for ten years. And here's the part that might surprise you, you already have the skillset.

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Removing barriers to monetizing your blog content

Of course, but we'll help you over them.

There are challenges in any industry, but many potential publishers come in with barriers of their own imagining, so let me clear up some misconceptions right up front:

I am not suggesting you follow James' path exactly, though a seven figure sale is a pretty nice retirement gift.

Maybe you'll follow Susan's or Robert's or Abby and Jim's (not their real names), or any of the others killing it in the publishing industry.

What I am suggesting, is that publishing a digital magazine is something that is in your wheelhouse and within your reach. Digital magazine publishing can also be hugely profitable, so do yourself a favor and consider the opportunity.

Tell me about making money with blog content

Okay, happy to.

If you think about what a magazine is, you'll see that a magazine is, at its core, a marketing platform. It's a model as old as time... Well, it's pretty old anyway.

Magazines organize themselves around specific topics of interest in order to attract and retain readers from of valuable market segments, and then delivers marketing to those readers on a regular basis. The readership of the magazine is as much the product, as the magazine itself.

Car and Driver is an ad delivery vehicle (like a car - ba dum tish) targeted at auto enthusiasts.

Car and Driver does a good job at attracting and retaining that audience, so they sell a lot of ads, but guess what else Car and Driver sells?

Yup, magazines and subscriptions to the magazine, and special issues, and special editions, and merch.And they cross sell Popular Mechanics, Men's Health and Esquire.

Would it surprise you in the least if they also sold the cover and cover story?

Yep, magazines can sell content within their pages, and I'm not talking about advertorials written by the advertiser's marketing team. I'm talking about the advertisers writing a check to have their brand covered. The publisher still has editorial control.

Generating Revenue by Publishing a Digital Magazine

For starters, let's make one thing clear: most publishers do little to no "sales" per se.

More than anything you're just having conversations with folks in your niche.

(And, you'll even get 1x1 coaching, scripts, and email templates to help.)

Every publisher chooses how they want to monetize, so take a breath! You don't have to do everything, and you don't have to do everything all at once.

We're here to guide you and help you figure it all out.

Take the first step and schedule a tour. There's no time like the present to start making your future.

Digital Magazines: The Bigger Opportunity

Do I take the leap and start a digital magazine?

You take the leap not because it's not a leap of faith but a leap of confidence. MagCast has been helping people like you for ten years. We'll equip you with everything you need to get there.

Membership includes six months of MagCast Academy.

These live, small group sessions are held via Zoom, where you learn the ins and outs of magazine publishing and how to succeed as a publisher.

Every month, everyday people just like you start successful magazines with MagCast.

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