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Imagine that all it took to get your magazine onto a new reader's favorite device was a single tap of a link.

One tap, and it's installed, agnostic of iOS or Android. One tap, and you have a new reader. This technology is exclusive to MagCast, and publishers are using it to BLOW UP their readership numbers. Read on to find out how.

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Okay, how does it work?

Sure, I'll explain, but let me give you some context first. I've been in online marketing, professionally, since 1997. I predate Google. Long story short, over all those years I've seen a lot, so when I say something is impressive, it genuinely is.

It's easiest to explain OTAI™ with a series of steps:

1. A publisher decides they want to run a promo to boost readership of their magazine app. They decide to give away their current issue, along with two recent back issues. The publisher sets the parameters they want and generates a link and QR code via MagCast.

2. The publisher then puts their link and/or QR code in front of potential readers. There are a million ways to do this. Conferences, emails, postcards, order inserts, influencers, posters, postcards, fliers, you name it.

3. The potential reader clicks the link or scans the QR code from a mobile device.

4. Agnostic of mobile operating system, the magazine app installs on their device and downloads the free issue/issues specified by the publisher.

That's it.

One tap.

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They must have to enter a code or something.


There are no codes to enter, no extra steps to take, they tap or scan and the magazine app is installed on their device. The magazine icon lives in their pocket on a device that goes everywhere with them.

One tap.

Is it powerful?

Yes, and it can't be done on any other digital magazine publishing platform on the planet. Period. Full stop.

Now, let's look at the marketing power of OTAI™.

Say you have a fly fishing magazine. We'll call it "Western Fly Fishing Magazine" (a perfectly good made up name, right?).

How many installs could you pick up by simply handing out fliers at an outdoor sporting show? Better yet, how much would it cost you to send a box of fliers to a local kid, cover their admission, plus a stipend for lunch, and pay them per install? Now you're thinking, but let's go bigger.

As the Publisher of Western Fly Fishing Magazine, the event organizer, the company holding these events all across the region or country, they will take your phone call. Cut a deal with the organizer and see how many readers you can get targeting the entire show circuit.

"Hi Mr./Mrs. Event Organizer, I'd like to offer three free issues of Western Fly Fishing Magazine to every show attendee this year, across your whole circuit. Can we talk?"

Now we're marketing!

After the success of your outdoor sporting show promotion, take your new readership numbers to potential advertisers and start depositing checks!

Like I said above, there are a million ways to get your link and QR code in front of people, and all they have to do to install your magazine app and become your reader is tap or scan.

If you're in marketing, and you're not salivating right now, I'd check your pulse.

And, because I know you're wondering, starting a digital magazine is easier than you think. You have what it takes, and we're here to help, every step of the way.

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Do I take the leap?

You take the leap.

Because it's not a leap of faith, but rather a leap of confidence. MagCast has been helping people like you for ten years. We'll equip you with everything you need to get there.

Membership includes six months of MagCast Academy.

These live, small group sessions are held via Zoom, where you learn the ins and outs of magazine publishing and how to succeed as a publisher.

Every month, everyday people just like you start successful magazines with MagCast.

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