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Digital Magazines Look Fantastic on Apple Devices

The high-res screens on iPhones and iPads give images and other content a real pop. And Apple consumers are happy to shop the App Store for quality content.

At MagCast, we help people like you publish top-quality magazines to the App Store every day, and we make it:

  1. Easy for you to create your magazine
  2. Easy for readers to purchase and access your content
We create your app and submit it to the App Store and Google Play (yes, we do Android as well). We do the heavy lifting, but unlike with other platforms, you own the app. Apple and Google pay you for your sales.

With other platforms, it's their app, their page in the App Store, and their revenue. You only get a cut. With MagCast, 100% of App and Play Store revenue goes to the publisher (that's you).

Check out the infographic below to see how easy it is to publish with MagCast.

How to Create a Magazine for iOS